Thursday, September 23, 2021

Today I'm going to cover a list of things you should know about New World that are different than your normal theme park MMO.

 Let's get started.


  1. If you want to tank. Slot a Carnelian gem on your weapon for taunts. Yes it's weird, I know.


  1. If you are a dps or healer worried about threat toss a Carnelian on your armor to reduce threat.


  1. Did you see that? The same gem has different effects depending on whether or not it is slotted in your armor, or slotted in your weapon.


  1. In order to enter instances you need a key known as a tuning orb. You can craft these but you can only craft 5 a week. (168hours / 7 days) You need to do corrupted breaches to make keys for dungeons.


  1. You can learn every weapon, every tradeskill on your characters


  1. You can only have one character per server. That means no alts and no twinks. Fortunately you can do it all on one character. Keeps player from being in both factions at once.


  1. Dungeons are known as expeditions. Currently they are not time limited but your party does need a key to get in. Crafting the keys however are time limited. 5 per week.


  1. Only one person has to go to the dungeon, the person that is using their orb. Once they use it everyone else will get a prompt to hit f1 and enter the dungeon.


  1. You can repair your gear, not an NPC. You can do this anywhere, including a dungeon and you don't have to worry about having to whip an anvil out of your pocket.


  1. Salvaging gear gets you money and repair parts so you can repair your gear


  1. You can skip the tutorial but you really shouldn't if this is your first time through? But if you do make sure to talk to that dying NPC so you can get his loot. In this case a shield.


  1. You have to eat or take a potion to regen health. You can't just get out of combat. Some foods will leave a buff on you for a period of time that allows you to regen health out of combat but you don't start off with that ability passively.


  1. You can make a tent in the field. You'll learn how in one of the first quests. It costs 5 green tree lumber and 1 flint.


  1. You can craft rations at that tent.


  1. If you craft at your tent you avoid taxes


  1. This game has taxes


  1. Toggling on PvP will give you a bonus 10% experience while out in the world harvesting, questing, killing…


  1. Not only do you earn expereince from gathering and crafting you earn experience from refining.


  1. Before level 20 respeccing is free. Don't be afraid to try new builds.


  1. Before level 10 weapon mastery respeccing is free. See number 19 about the builds note.


  1. Your house acts as a second teleport location. You can return from the field to an inn or your home.


  1. The weight of your gear will impact whether you can roll, dodge, or shuffle. If you can't roll anymore and you just changed your armor you are probably not bugged. You just moved into a new weight class.


  1. Your crafting will be limited by the level tier of the facilities of the town you are in. Just because it's a forge doesn't mean you can make your top tier gear.


  1. Some craftable items have to be learned with recipes. You learn a recipe by salvaging it. I know… that sounds weird but I did it a couple times and learned how to make a table and cook some food.


  1. Crouching will obscure your name plate. Laying prone will basically hide your nameplate. I literally laid in a bush for a PvP mission while other players walked by me. It was a trip. Go prone in a bush.


  1. Your primary heals are going to be AoEs. Look for the green circle on the ground. Stand in it!


  1. Remember that tent? Set it up before you go into a hard area. If you die you can rez at it if you are within 500 yards.


  1. You can't set up tents in a Point of Interest.


  1. There are no set classes. Mix and match any and all weapon combinations that you heart desires. Have fun with it.


  1. Tab targeting doesn't work.

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