Monday, December 21, 2020

Unwrap of the Controller Gear Xbox Pro Charging Stand

Yesterday while I was at the store I picked up a Controller Gear Xbox Pro Charging Stand for my Shock Blue Xbox Series X controller. I was able to buy it for $29.99 but I see it range anywhere from $30-$40 USD on the internet depending on the retailer and the color.

I'm impressed with the style and they way the controller rests in the stand. It fits like a glove. Had I not known it was manufactured by a third party I would have assumed this was a genuine Microsoft peripheral. 

The color match is impeccable and while a lot of chargers are going overboard with the LED indications on the charger the Charging Stand has one subtle LED on it to indicate that the controller is charging.

My only three complaints (and two of them are very minor) with this controller are, the battery life is only 12 hours and that is exceeded by some of it's competitors. However, most of us will charge our controller before then so the point is pretty moot. Secondly at this price you can buy a bunch of different charging systems for a lower price that handle two controllers at the same time for example the PowerA Dual Charging Station or the Nyko Charge Base.  

Finally this charging station does not use a USB cable to plug in so you can't connect it directly to your console to power it,  you'll have to plug it into the wall directly. For some people this is a good thing though. So your mileage may very. 

You can watch the full video on YouTube here:

If you like the Controller Gear Xbox Pro Charging Stand you can pick one up on Amazon