Thursday, April 13, 2017

Dear Nintendo, why don't you like my money?

To My Dear Nintendo,

Are you sick, not feeling well, does money make you itchy?

Why do you repeatedly self harm?

The NES Classic is the prime example of an unexpected runaway hit. And now, even with supplies so low the system sells for two to three times MSRP on Amazon and eBay you stop production on the system.

Did you bump your head? Why would you stop. Do you have limited production capacity? I understand that you are making Switches but this just baffles me. 

The ONLY way I see this not screwing over your loyal fan base is if you release a $60 "NES Classic" software pack for the Switch that contains all the ROMs for the Switch. What will more than likely happen, however, is that you sell the games piecemeal for roughly $5 each. Which puts the package in the realm of $125. While this isn't outrageous it is a far cry from $60.

Also, You really want $60 for a second Switch docking station? 60?!?! And that doesn't even include the power cord that you want another $30 for. For that price people might as well just but another Switch (which I'm sure you'd be more than happy about). Come on Nintendo. I get that you are in the business to make money and you are currently cleaning up the egg that is the Wii U from your face but I'm getting to the point where what I can only call your greed is souring me to everything else. 

Come on Nintendo. Do the right thing here. You told customers not to worry and that you would make more. Now that you have gone back on your word do something to make amends. Don't come off looking like a bunch of greedy clowns.

Oh, and hey I get it. You got burned by all those Animal Crossing Amiibos. But don't worry. Something tells me you'll get your money back with the 3 new Link Amiibos (for a total of 14!) and two Cloud, two Bayonetta, and 2 Corrin. 

The NES Classic wasn't going to be the next Animal Crossing Amiibo blunder either.


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  1. After months of searching I was finally able to secure one.